Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Changed the layout of my blog just to keep it a bit interesting! Also put in a total page views gadget, which currently sits on about 3744!

Going to trade mostly on the jumps today, a bit of in-running trading.

I've also put on a small multiple bet on Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid. Personally i think Arsenal to win @ 2.78 is much to high, it drifted when the news of Fabregas not starting came out. Will hopefully be able to trade on the game later. I fancy trading on a few correct scores, will try update the blog later to let you know what I'm doing.
 Ciao for now, good luck trading!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Calm downnnnnnn

Haven't traded for the past few days as I've had a few training/induction days for my new job.
Will be able to trade all the rest of this week thankfully though.
Traded 9 races today, 8/9 profitable so was happy with that. Made a total of just £20 though, as the one trade that wasn't profitable amounted to £65! And that was on the first race!

I find after a loss like this, my mind starts to have a battle with itself. 60% of my brain just starts saying gamble the rest of the bank you could win it back! Then 20% is just beating itself up for losing the money in the first place. Then the final 20%, "the key 20%", is just whispering stay calm! Calm downnnnnnnnn!
Thankfully the key 20% won through this time! Gradually managed to claw it back and on the second last race i broke even, then on the last race i managed to make £20. So was a draining day!

Managed to trade the Spurs game just for a quick profit of £5 so was happy to take that and stop trading for the day. Didn't see the game but have seen everyone raving about Bale and how he practically pulled down Maicon's pants and gave him a spanking! Will have to watch the highlights.