Sunday, 27 February 2011

Trading In-running

I tried uploading a video directly onto the blog but sadly it didn't accept it for some weird reason?
No matter, i just uploaded it to youtube. Didn't manage to get any audio this time but if there's enough interest i may do a few more videos explaining my thought process during the race.

Here's the link:

Since there's no audio i will explain what's happening:

  • First off its the 14:40 race at Fontwell Park. I traded on the race before the off on 'Pouvoir' but sadly got caught by a 20k trader, so i accepted a loss of £6.71 before the off. I also managed to trade the horse 'Rockoboy' who's odds were 250/1 at the time, i managed to trade a few ticks to make £9.23. I wouldn't recommend trading on such high odds but the trade just looked right at the time.

  • At around 0:45seconds in i tried to lay the Favourite 'Fruity Orooney', i tried to do this because the jockey had started pushing the horse and i felt the odds would rise. Sadly i missed the ideal opportunity twice. I then managed to get my lay matched at 2.36 for £35 and then put a back order in at 2.42. I wanted to exit the trade as quickly as possible because the race was entering its final stages and no other horse was picking up at the time. 
  • My attention then got shifted to Pouvoir as it took the fence well at (1:30) and seemed to have more in the tank. (In, in-running your not looking for the horse that is going to necessarily win the race, but that is going well at the time and  shows signs that it may have more in the tank). I manged to get £25 matched at 3.70 (back side), then put a lay order in at 2.88 for £25 which was also successfully matched. This managed to cancel my red which i had on Pouvoir before the off. I then greened up across the board giving me a total profit of £12.80. 
  • I changed my stake of £35 to £25 on the previous trade as i felt there was more risk involved as it was closer to the finish and if the jockey on board Pouvoir started driving the horse at this point it's odds would sky rocket, this happened on the fence after i greened up. Where the horse's odds jumped from 2.36 before the fence to a high of 10 after the fence. (Another personal rule i have in, in-running is that i try not to trade on a horse when they are jumping a fence/hurdle. As obviously if the horse falls or even hits the fence hard the odds will go up steeply.) 
  • I also tend not to try trade the last 2 furlongs or so, as this is the most volatile period and because i am not at the track i do not have the "live" feed, so i am acting a second or two behind traders at the track.

Sorry if the description was a little rushed, but hopefully you can gain something from it.

Any feedback is appreciated.
Hope everyone had a successful day trading and god do i hate Birmingham! Well actually hates a big word but what a cock up!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Good day, good night !

After posting my last post i went on to trade the next day full of confidence. And of course went on to lose most of my bank YAYYY!!! So of course i was delighted! aka fuming! The thing that got to me most was that i knew where i had gone wrong and it was so petty and stupid! So i decided to have a few days off and had a pina colada!
I came back a few days later to my massive bank of £7! I was determined to get back to my starting bank one way or another! After my first day of trading (taking risks i might add, because of the size of my bank) i managed to get my bank up to a respectful £25. The following two days saw me increase my bank to firstly £45, then onto £70. This was all done by in-running trading, which i have been doing now for the past 6months, i selected my horses carefully and took small steady profits, making sure i wasn't greedy along the way. Once i hit the £70 mark i started being more cautious with my bank, using approx. £15 per trade.
My bank now currently stands at a marvelous £143. So thankfully i'm back on track!

I think overall the loss i had has helped me become more patient. Which is ESSENTIAL (cant stress this enough!) when trading (in-running especially).

I downloaded camtasia quite a while back but haven't actually used the software to record anything, so i think i may try and record a few of my in-running races tomorrow, so that i can show you how i am trading in-running and that its not total guess work at all.
So keep your eyes pricked for that.

Hope everyones trading is going successful! Am loving reading my fellow bloggers blogs, keep up the good work!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Change of circumstances

Right so here's the deal-io. I'm going to be trading full-time for the next 2 months or so as my circumstances have changed (for the better!)
So will be looking to make a steady profit per day, haven't worked out yet what i think is do able, but should be around the £30-40 mark.

Just stopped trading for today and i'm up £32.
My bank at the minute sits at £162, but i will be withdrawing some of it when i hit the £200 mark (touch wood!)

So stay posted i will be blogging a lot more!

Hope everyones trading is going great.

p.s. Arsenal cheeky win tonight? (I'm a Arsenal fan so im optimistic!)