Thursday, 23 September 2010

Can a stupid person be a smart-ass?

Horse Racing: £63.39  Total P&L:  £63.39

Decent enough day. Could have gone better though as i managed to make £94.91 in just one race but stupidly lost £70 of it in the next race as i stupidly didn't apply my stop loss (of 2 ticks). Still was happy to make a good profit for the day.
Traded only one of the Wolverhampton races tonight and managed to lose £10. So i just stopped straight away because i wasn't fully into it.

Off to have a roast dinner at 9pm at night! Oh my Gran would be fuming!

New Bank = £315

P.s. Think I'm going to start using some funny lines as my title, as i really can't think of any informative one's so may as well get a cheap laugh!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Decent results

Horse Racing: £49.43  Total P&L:  £49.43

Not to bad today. Didn't trade all of today just from 2pm till 3:30pm. Thought i would just monitor the rest as i had a wee bit of a headache.
So was all good, but i did think the markets seemed a bit up and down today for me personally. 
Anyway just off out again, pre drinks at a mate's house. Not again!!
New Bank: £246 plus a few pennies!

Chin chin!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Peux-tu parle anglais?

Just a quick one! Just got in from the town, head is starting to hang already!
Made a loss of £18.81 today! First loss in awhile but i will just have to take it on the chin. I won quite a bit though last night on the poker so i actually managed to just make a small loss of £2 overall. So my total P&L is now sitting at £196.60. So still not to shabby.

Anywho off to bed rather intoxicated so going to try flush it out of my system! £200 on black anyone? I ain't that drunk!


Monday, 20 September 2010

Huge banker

Was the start of freshers week last night, quite the messy one!
Decided i needed a boost in the finances, so i withdrew £350 of my bank. This left me with £50 two days ago. So i basically started again, but i think having done this has gave a boost to my trading as it has made me re-enforce my rules and has also made me become more patient. Also I've noticed another area of improvement of my trading. I am starting to read graphs better 10 minutes or so before the off and 8 times out of 10 today i have put this into practice.

Over the past two days of trading i have made a profit of £148.60. 
Sunday: £45.32
Monday: £103.28

My bank now stands at a healthy £198.60. I am going to again withdraw £100 as i need the money if I'm honest. When i have a healthy bank account i will definitely be compounding my bank but right now i can't take the chance of losing 100% of my bank, even though the risk is very small if i stick to my rules but i still don't want to take this risk.
So from now on when writing a post, i will have a P&L for the day and then my bank will represent how much profit i have made overall. So starting of now my bank is £198.60.

Today's trading was all gravy. Traded 19 markets today. 14 out of the 19 being profitable. My losses today amounted to £40.83. I had two big losses of £19.29 and £16.70. But i was happy to just take these losses and move on to the next market, this would have been a big falling point for me a few weeks ago as i would have most likely tried to chase these losses, and probably ended up losing more.

Anywho am off to make some grub as im starving!
Hope everyone's trading is going the right way!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

New Leap!

Today's P&L: £133.69
Bank: £357.48

The numbers just sum up my day. Was crazy, just felt like i was in the matrix! Every trade i made went the right way and if it didn't i scratched it so there was no damage done.
I made a total of 15 trades today. Only two of them were losses, but both losses only amounted to £3.42 so was more than happy to take it. My biggest single trade today was for £22.42.
I won around £7 last night on a short poker game so that equates for the rest of my profits from my previous post.
I started off this morning differently. I got up a bit earlier than usual and got a few bits and bobs done, so i didn't have other things running around my head whilst trading. Looking back on it today, i was in a much more relaxed mood and wasn't being greedy what so ever. In some races i felt that i could get more out of them, but i just convinced myself to stop and grab a quick drink of water and go analyse the next race. By doing this i had plenty of time to assess each market and pick my strategy before the 5 minutes left till the race mark. (The time in which i prefer to trade) by doing this i found myself in and out of the market with at least 1-2 mins to spare.
If i can keep anywhere near this mark up i will be on a roll. I'm not going to get cocksure of myself as i don't want to chance any stupid unnecessary losses.

On a side note, i went to see Dara O'Briain today in the Hammersmith Apollo. The guy is a fecking genius! I truly recommend going to see him if you have the chance.
P.s. The new Fifa is completely different to the old one!

Not sure if i will have much time to trade tomorrow as i am off down to my girlfriends mum's house as it's her birthday, but i may just try sneak a few in! Also i'm in a poker tournament tomorrow night to possibly win a share of $65,000. So things are looking decent.
Another quick note: i'm on the fence as to whether i should withdraw some of my winnings just incase, would like to hear any suggestions.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

All good in the hood!

Today's P&L: £33.86
Bank: £216.38

First of all....Arsenal! Just wow. Fabregas, Vela, Arshavin, Wilshere...list goes on a fair bit. (Still have a dislike to Eboue, think he slows the play down a bit)

Was all settled and ready for a days trading today, when i got a call at just before 2pm from my mates saying they were going into town. So i decided to go instead, which turned out to be for a couple of hours. Before i went thought i had a cheeky few bets for the day instead and guess what...they all came in! Every single one of them i was shocked when i got back. They weren't for crazy stakes just £2's and £4's, but was well chuffed! I just chose my selections from reviewing timeform. On a few of the bets i did put in lays at lower odds around the 1.9 mark, just encase. So managed to make a £12.31 profit just from a small few bets.

Set up a quick strategy for the footy games. Just decided to trade on the Chelsea and Arsenal games. Was trying to get out of my trades as soon as possible as i just wanted to watch the Arsenal game to be honest. Decided to back 2-0 and 3-0 for both games and also had a cover bet on the Chelsea game as i backed Zilina to win, just encase they scored first. I didn't have a cover back bet on Braga as i watched the first 5 minutes and saw Arsenal were dominating it. If needed though i was ready to put a back bet in for Braga to win. Thankfully didn't have to, thanks to a stupid penalty give away from Braga (could see it coming after the first few challenges). Fabregas didn't disappoint and slotted it home and thankfully Chelsea scored an early goal to on the 13 minute. So was happy as larry to trade out after this on both CS markets for a greened up profit of £9.09 on the Arsenal game and £12.46 on the Chelsea game. Was happy to take both profits and for once didn't feel the need to be greedy just in case i lost it all!

So was a happy easy trade on the footy today. If anyone is reading this, i would love to know what strategies you employed? Hopefully i will be able to post my strategy before every major game and then will be able to discuss what went right/wrong.

Other than that, had a football game today as well at 5pm. Was a bit random as i only got asked to play 20mins before hand but was happy to dust off the boot's. Normally play Right wing but they were short so i went up top (all 5ft 8inches of me) banged one in though so was hunky dory. Won 3-0.

Found this decent sight for free betting tips as well pretty decent for the horse races. People post their selections and sometimes explain why. Good to get every angle in. Helps with trading as well sometimes to have a look and see which horses are getting well backed/layed.

Right that's about it, just sitting waiting here for the new Fifa 11 demo to download. Taking forever! So may see if there are any cheap poker tournaments open.

Till tomorrow 


Quick update

Just a quick one before i start trading for today.
Fancied a bit of poker last night so i bought in to a cash table for $50 (.25c/50c blinds).
Managed to double up after 10mins and just left the table after my double up.
*Quit while your ahead!*
New Bank: £182.52

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tonight's plan

Today's P&L: £11.61
Bank: £141.93

Only made £11.61 on the horses today. Started a new tactic today. Was trading on 1m races and under and in the 2m + races/hurdles (Listowel races) i traded in-running. Was a successful tactic for me today, was up to a bank of £180 at one point but 2 stupid trades later i went back down to where i finished. Overall though I'm happy to finish with a small profit for today. 11% profit on my starting bank for today.
Am going to have to withdraw £50 at some point today or tomorrow just to bank some profit. I know i said i wouldn't and i would compound my bank, but it's fresher's week soon and i may need it for going out purposes :D.

Tempted to trade on the Man Utd game tonight. Am not to sure if i will yet or not, but i have worked out my tactic for tonight.
I'm going to trade on the CS market 2-0, 3-0 and Unquoted market. I will watch the first 5 minutes or so, depending on how quick the boys in red start. I'm assuming they are going to come out the blocks and i can see Rooney trying to prove himself tonight. Can see him scoring at least one.

Will update this tonight and let you know whether i traded the game or not.


Man Utd v's Rangers: £5.22
Bank: £147.18

Managed to squeeze a small profit out of the game. At halftime i cashed out for £2.40 profit. As i backed the draw for £4 after the first 15mins as it was clear that Rangers were just packing there box, so knew it would be hard for Man Utd to score. I also backed 2-0 and 3-0. I left the Unquoted market as i didn't have enough in my bank to lay it. I managed to make a profit off the 2-0 CS and took a loss off the 3-0. So both results cancelled each other out. So was happy to get out at half-time.
The second half i back Under 2.5 goals after the 60 minute mark. I rode that out for 15mins and managed to make a further £2.82.
I stopped trading on the game after this as i didn't want to risk a late goal from United.
So happy days today!
*Am currently having some banter with my mate that supports United. He's saying that Rangers are cowards that they just stuck 10 men behind the ball and I'm just saying it was a good tactic. So basically his opinion is poppy cock.*

Monday, 13 September 2010

Like throwing money in the fire

£40 down the burner in the space of 30minutes in the casino today. The empire casino is totally vamped up for the WSOPE which starts tomorrow there. Registration starts from as little as £10,350! Could easily see myself paying that, getting Pocket Ace's first hand, ending up all-in and losing to royal flush or something! Ye so anyway, lost £40 on blackjack and roulette. Didn't have time to play live poker would have loved to but oh well.

Didn't have any time for a trade today sadly. But tomorrow will hopefully be trading all day, so will make up for it. Have started keeping a form book of each days horse racing, using timeforms results ( just going to be interesting, as you can see how high and low each horse traded in-running. So possibly after a few races for each horse i might start to see patterns and could use it to trade in-running. Will have to see but will be interesting keeping the stats for each racecourse and horse. Only keeping them on excel at the moment, but may find some more interesting way of logging them soon. Or if anyone else knows a way do share?

Ciao update you tomorrow!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Big Mac and Fries

Today's P&L: £69.73
Bank: £129.73

Crazy day!
Managed to trade the Liverpool game today. I could only stay in for the first 15 minutes as i had to dash to McDonalds with the misses!! So only manged to make £5, using £5 stakes on 0-0, 1-0, 0-1. However i got back in time for the last 15 minutes. Saw it was still 0-0, watched the game for 5 minutes and personally couldn't see any goals going in. So i backed the draw around the 1.2/1.3 mark. And rode it out until the 90th. Picking up another £10.
Had a good day on the horse's as well. Enjoyed trading the Listowel races as i lived there for a short while back in the day. Thought i would trade them in-running as they were all long races/hurdles. Managed a good few trades in-running on the Listowel races, my plan was to get in and out as quick as i could. Had a good day on the horse's in all.
Crazy when i think about it, made a 116% profit on my starting bank.

The golf!! I managed to get £25 green across the field and then i think i got a bit greedy. Hate the delayed pictures by the way on Sky as it's in the US. Could tell what had happened before it did. I backed Paul Casey on the 17th trying to get out for a quick few ticks profit and then blooming Dustin Johnson only went and whacked in a Birdie and i only saw what had happened around 2minutes later when sky showed it. Thankfully managed to come out with a 74p profit in the end! But as you can imagine it was a kick in the teeth.

Also tried trading on the F1 this morning, was my first go at it. Really liked trading it, was a completely different feel from any other market I've traded. Managed to green the field for £20, but then Alonso went and had a rapid pit stop and i got caught backing Button. Came out with a £8 loss but it was a lesson learned!! Can definitely see some profit coming from F1 in the near future.

Still got to learn the cricket though! Haven't got round to that yet.

Off into London tomorrow to see the sister. So not much trading if any, but may make a cheeky trip to the Empire Casino :D. Shall see.

P.s. New rule! Make sure the misses is busy if she is about whilst your trading. As she may try to distract you. You can do this by dirtying dishes for her to clean? Perhaps roll in some mud to dirty some clothes? Or even just the simple lock her in the closet technique (i joke i ain't no Fritzel!)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Learning every wee step!

Its been a few days people. Have been busy graduating and shizzle my life this week has involved a few of the following: graduated, had a few to many, got a job, left the job half way through, stole a crate of wine from the job i left (because he started swearing at me for no reason whatsoever so just walked out and picked up a crate on the way out for "compensation"). Anyway enough of that i guess!

Last time i posted i was on £276. I withdrew £176 as i treated myself to a few to many drinks and a few bits and bobs. So my bank then sat at £100.
I had about 4 days off from trading and went back at it on a US Open match, can't remember which one. However i got to cock sure of myself and used stakes of £80, having never used that high for tennis. I was inevitably taught a lesson and ended up losing my £100 in a matter of minutes. I was stunned. All the rules i had applied and used to make my lovely profit, had just been thrown out the window. It was a kick in the teeth!
However, since then i have been more rigid to my rules making sure I'm trading not gambling! And this paid off dividends! Managed to make £122.82 in one race at Bath on the 9th. I quickly withdrew this profit to make up for the £100 i had previously lost. My bank currently sits at £60. And i have slowly been building up to £100 from £50 and then withdrawing £50.
But, from now i think i am going to compile my profits and keep building my bank. As i am getting more confident using high stakes on pre horse trading. So will keep you posted on that.

Going to try and trade one game tomorrow. Birmingham V's Liverpool.
I've done quite a bit of stat collecting and have noted that the last six premier league matches between these two has ended in six draws. Tomorrow I'm going to have a crack at the CS market. Going to go for the 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 approach. I'm going to ride this out for the first 20mins and hopefully cash out with a nice profit. However, i will be watching the game so if either team starts off rapid i won't be afraid to scratch the trade.

On a side note had a happy day on the St.Ledger today. Layed Rewilding on the first corner, personally didn't fancy him on the day. Also managed to make a good profit on Corsica. Backed him at 70/1 for £50 and traded out at 27/1 for greened up profit of around £80. Knew Corsica would be a rapid pacemaker but I've seen him run a few times and thought he would go close and would definitely stay.

Have been trying to trade the golf but have only had a chance to trade the first day. Currently have £90 sitting on Tiger. So basically I'm pissing in the wind! But will hopefully be able to trade on it tomorrow.

Anyhow that's it for now!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rule number who knows!

Bank: £276.07

Today's P&L: £45.15

Pretty decent day today, but know i could have done much better! Started off the day with two hugely depressing losses, £20.31 and £19.47! (I put the blame on last night to be honest! to many jaggerbombs)
This made me re-think what the hell was i doing wrong. After becoming more patience and cutting my losses as soon as i saw them coming and my results started to improve.
Finished my last two races of the day with a superdooper profit of £36.03! So finished the day on a good note in the end.
I was tempted to have a bet today on my last race i traded, 17:30 Fontwell. Since i had already traded the race and made a profit of £24.79. I was ultra tempted to have a bet on the favourite Spe Salvi @ 1.5's. Thankfully i refrained! The horse came out the stall and straight from the off he looked green. So this helped me make my mind up not to trade on it. However i was having regrets when he was somehow ahead going into the straight, but then suddenly he made a dart for the far rail and went straight through it. I feel sorry for anyone that had money on him! He also traded as low as 1.14 for 1.1k.

Also to top it off, i managed to get a quick profit of £12.77 on V.Williams match. I'm still not overly confident trading on the tennis yet and am still trying to find as many strategies as possible, in order to whittle out my preferred method.
Also I'm still intrigued on trading cricket, however i have no clue what the hell to do as i have never followed cricket, but i can tell there is money there, that's just asking to be put in to my bank balance. Any links or tips would be greatly appreciated!?

So so far so good! I haven't started using bigger stakes than £100 at the moment but am started to get tempted as my bank grows. I may decide to start edging them up £20 for every £50 i make.

Wont be able to do any trading tomorrow at least not on the horses anyway, as I've got to pick up my parents and grand-parents from Heathrow. As I've got my graduation on Tuesday :D. But will try to get a few trades in on the tennis if possible!

Question to anyone who reads this. Does anyone know of any chatrooms which are free to discuss trading?

Hope your all fantabulous and your trading is likewise.

Learned another quick rule today, to add to the memory rule bank!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rather tipsy to be fair!

Bank: £230.92

Today's P&L: £22.32

I am currently rather intoxicated to be fair, and my misses is saying come to bed! But i feel like i have to update this blog!
Didn't trade much today. Won £8.45 on the MK Dons game, was trading the CS market, 0-0 and 1-0. Was happy to cash out at half time for the profit and leave it be.
Also won £4.15 on the US open trading the Nadal game last night, the Federer game today and the Gasquet game today.
The rest of the money was made on the Gee Gee's. £10.32 ish. Mainly on the Wolverhampton and Leop races.

Now to go to sleep and sleep off this alcomohol! Jaggerbombs for £1.50 are never a good sign!

Will check back in with you tomorrow!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Wee Goal smashed!

Today P&L: £33.91

Bank: £208.60

Well my goal was well and truly obliterated. Guess i underestimated myself (fingers crossed i don't lose it all tomorrow!) The thing i have found the past few days that are KEY, you have to be patient when looking to enter a trade. Everything has to be right. At first this was my main problem i believe, as i had the attitude of i can make loads from this one trade! Also i was afraid to take a small loss of say £2-3. Now i feel confident about just leaving the trade and going on to the next one and more times than not i am able to make up for my loss with a healthy profit. One more thing, before i start to trade, be it for the day or even for one trade on the footy or tennis, confidence is key! So before trading i try and get myself into a good head space by just listening to some music. (Kiss Kube does the job!

Today was all gravy! Sadly i only managed to trade the last 30mins or so of the Irish game because of a phone interview i had. Didn't know what position i should take up as it was still 0-0 and hadn't seen the rest of the game, so i waited! Ireland scored thanks to Fahey in the 76th min. So i decided to enter the over 2.5 goals market. I backed under 2.5 straight after the goal, around the 1.2 mark i think it was, for £100. I was patient and stayed in the market and traded out happily for around a £9 profit (minus commission).
I also managed to trade the England game. I thought England would start off slow because of all the hype so backed 0-0, 1-0 and 0-1 for smallish stakes, looking to increase if the game started off slow. But then England (yes England banged one in early doors) so that scuppered up my plans rather quick. I re-thought my game plan and gave it 5minutes to see how the game was looking. I then decided to trade on the Correct Score market (CS for short, always wondered what CS meant before!) I backed 1-0, and 2-0. I rode them both out for a bit and thankfully managed to come out for a profit similar to Ireland game around the £9 mark. So was happy to leave it there and turn the game off and make some grub :)

So next goal??

As of now i have not set myself a certain date to get to £300 or whatever. As i have quite a busy week next week, graduating from uni and interviews. But i believe that it shouldn't take me to long at all to get to that mark if i stick all my wee rules. NEW GOALS COMING SOON!!

P.s. thinking about upping my stakes slightly now but will have to see! will keep you posted.
Good luck trading!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Well on track!

Today: £54.50    New Bank: £174.69

What a day! Managed to squeeze every last drop out of today. Well on track to my wee goal! Patience is the key!
Was using a varied amount of stakes today depending on the odds of each horse and how i felt the trade was looking. Mainly it was like this: Odds
ODDS    :    STAKE
0 > 2.5   = £80-100
2.5 > 4   = £50-60
4 > 6      = £30-50
 6 >        =£10-30

They're the stakes i currently feel comfortable. I try to stick with these stakes as much as i can in order to try to stay disciplined.
Another new thing i have started doing, to ensure that i don't go in-play, is to move directly to the next race market before the last 10 seconds of the race i am trading on. This has greatly helped me as there is always a part of me when i make a small loss that wants to go in-play to try and recoup my losses (which you all know, unless you trade in the in-play markets, ends in misery!)
Am currently trading on the US Open, layed Sharapova @ 1.1 for £100, saw her last game she looked shocking so thought i could get a few ticks out of it. Backed her @ 1.18  in her first game, when she was down 15-30. Got out and greened up for around a £7 profit. Closing the market now so that i don't go and lose that profit! So that will help my bank out nicely. May trade a few more games before i go bed. Maybe on Nadals match but not sure at the moment.

Looking to trade on the Irish game tomorrow. There playing Armenia away. Being Irish I've experience all the heartbreak! Ireland usually start of slow in away matches especially to random fooking teams (excuse me my Armenian brothers!). The over 2.5 goals market is currently 2.46. So my plan at the minute is to back 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 and ride them for 15-20mins depending on what we are looking like and also will back the over 2.5 goals market to cover myself. Hope all goes well! Will update you tomorrow.

Have downloaded some e-books on trading, currently reading the way of the turtle. Good wee read so far! If anyone knows any other good books please let me know, will appreciate it!

Anywho I'm off
Ciao for now!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Goal update

Well the goal has changed slightly, i had to take some money out of my a/c for personal spendage.
So the goal has changed.
I decided to open up another betfair account so that i could have one for my poker and betting and my new one just for trading. Deposited £80 into my new account on Monday.

So my new goal as of Monday has been to turn that £80 into £200, still by the 10th Sept.
I've managed to trade Tuesday and today. My account now sits at a tidy £120, so will keep you all up to date on my progress!

Today was a crazy day. Started off with 3 great trades in the afternoon - £6.90, £7.80, £9.23. So was all going swimmingly had myself concentrated and had the feel of the markets. Then i went and got a drink and i think i got a little bit cocky trying to swing trade. This did not go well! i entered a position and withing moments i was 2 ticks down, my stake was £80 at around odds of 3.8. So they were hefty tick sizes for my bank. However i felt confident so i let it play out a bit *head in hands moment* to cut a long embarrassing story short, i ended up -£21. Basically cancelling all my previous profits. After this point i was peeved to say the least so i stopped trading for a few hours. I tried to get myself back into the right head space. I came back later on for the last few afternoon races. Thankfully i managed to put a few good trades in and come out with a profit of £8.56 for the day, which i was happy to take after the day i had!

I've been interested in videoing what i do in order to learn from my mistakes, managed to download Camstudio software today, yet to try it out but looks pretty good. Might try get a video of my trading up soon. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO!
Also i found out that you can show your screen to people on skype thanks to my brother, so if anyone has skype please feel free to leave a comment.

That's all for now, got my graduation Tuesday. Off into the big bad world!