Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Oh that's how you post...

Ye its been awhile! Haven't updated this blog since 3rd Nov, seems like ages ago (probably cause it is).
Whats been going on with me? In general i've got a new job, just working in a clothes shop but it pays the bills. Have applied for a sponsorship pilot programme with Flybe, so will be having the interview for that in the near future, looking forward to it, but i'm going to have to brush up on my maths and physics.
I was suppose to fly home today, back to Dublin, but my flight was cancelled from Heathrow :(. Have had to re-book my flight for Christmas Eve, please god don't let it snow! If i don't get home for Christmas it looks like i will be having beans on toast for Christmas dinner, might push the boat out and have cheese on the side! In all seriousness i hope i get home.
In terms of trading, since i last posted i've had a big-ish swing. At one point i blew my £100 bank (twice). So i was down that plus my profit i had made on the £100 bank which was around about £200 in each. So was not a happy bunny. But i have managed to claw it back and am now up £200.
I've altered my trading slightly to suit me, because i find myself sometimes getting bored trading pre race, i have been trading in-running for the past month. I started off slow when trading in-running with a small bank of £20. Within the first 3 days i had turned that bank into £120. However, i was using between 50-75% of my bank to trade at the start. I withdrew my initial £20 and then started with my new bank of £100. I've now steadily held that bank, withdrawing £100 when i reach the £200 mark. I find by doing this it gives me more structure, as i do occasionally like a flutter. So on the trading front things are looking good, my set up at the moment includes: At the races subscription, 19' monitor, laptop. Until last week i had subscribed to RacingUK online, but the pictures for me were streaming to slow so i decided to cancel it.

Possibly the biggest change since i posted last is my poker. I opened an account with Fulltilt around the middle of November and deposited $50. I have now steadily grew this bank to a tidy sum of $525.
I've just finished playing a ring game of Omaha Hi, 6 seated. I bought in for $50 and was playing pretty loose aggressive, until Gus Hansen sat down! I was tempted to cash out with my $95 but was convinced to stay because it was Gus! He bought in for the full amount of $50 (why he was playing so low stakes is beyond me). Within 5minutes he had doubled up twice over, thankfully not taking any of my chips!

Anywho! I've managed to improve my poker, by playing all different kinds of poker, from 2-7 Draw to Stud. I think this has broadened my understanding of the game and has also managed to keep me interested.

Hope everyone is doing great and to those on my blog roll keep up the posting because i'm reading!