Sunday, 10 July 2011

First solo!

Wow well what a few weeks! They certainly flew by! Excuse the pun!

Just a quickish update with some nice fancy pictures :)
7 weeks here have gone so quick and today i just completed my first solo flight! This basically involves doing 3 landings and take-off's, all which are done in the "pattern" which is basically a rectangle.
It was a great feeling after the first landing, just knowing i had flown the plane all on my own with no input from my instructor. So off with the old epaulettes and on with the new one striped ones!

On the trading front, i actually have managed a few sessions which have been ticking me over nicely! Thanks to a "UK" ip address!

That's all for now but i will hopefully post some more photos/videos soon so watch this space. Hope your trading is going well.