Monday, 3 June 2013

Creatures of habit/Back in the Black

From when we wake up right up until we put our head on the pillow, we are creatures of habit. The food we eat, the drinks we drink etc. We are comfortable  with what is comfortable, unless we forcefully change something in our lives our trend of the norm will continue, day in day out until we drop. 
As Biggie Smalls once said, "we can't change the world, unless we change ourselves" 

This habit or routine in which we are comfortable applies to all aspects of life, from brushing our teeth, doing our food shop, making tea/coffee and it even applies to trading on Betfair. If we become habitual losers trading, we will be habitual losers trading, unless we forcefully change the way in which we trade. 
By change the way in which we trade, I mean we have to sometimes go outside our comfort zone. An example of this would be to test out different trading opportunities. Be it by trading differently (stake size, swing trading/scalping, picking different spots in which to trade) or even experimenting with different sports. 

I myself have forcefully changed the way I trade. Up until a few months ago my main sport on which to trade was horse racing. Overall I was in the red. I could go 3/4 months winning on the pre horse race markets, but all it took was a string of bad trades to lose all my previous winnings. This was a ongoing cycle in which I was fed up with! 

As of 6 months ago I have forcefully removed trading horses from my routine and I have seen the benefits. I now trade on cricket, tennis, NBA, golf and football. I had traded on all the sports listed before apart from cricket, but they were mainly my secondary sports on which to trade on. The biggest boost in my trading P&L has come from cricket and tennis. There was a steep learning curve for myself as I had never really been into cricket so I had to learn the rules etc from the beginning, it's an on going education but one I am enjoying thoroughly. 

By removing horse racing from my trading routine I have had 6 months of pure bliss. I'm officially back in the black. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Twitter Account @TradingKO

Just a quick one. I've set up a new twitter account, I think it will be easier to share my views and trades via twitter. So feel free to add me