Thursday, 28 April 2011

EW Multiple Take Two!

1 Bath 28th Apr - 14:10 Backing: Haulit @ SP
2 Bath 28th Apr - 14:40 Backing: Green Pearl @ SP
3 Bath 28th Apr - 15:10 Backing: Bateleur @ SP
4 Bath 28th Apr - 16:10 Backing: Rohlindi @ SP

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

EW Multiple Come on you beauties!

1Ascot 27th Apr - 14:00 Backing: Magic City @ SP
2Ascot 27th Apr - 14:30 Backing: Hezmah @ SP
3Ascot 27th Apr - 15:05 Backing: St Moritz @ SP
4Ascot 27th Apr - 15:40 Backing: The Betchworth Kid OR Askar Tau @ SP
5Ascot 27th Apr - 16:15 Backing: Libranno @ SP

£2 EW multiple

Returns: £498

Come on you beauties!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Betfair you pile of....

Just an email i sent to Betfair, waiting for their standard lame copy paste response, something along the lines of....
"We are working hard to fix this technical issue bla bla bla...."

Can you give an approximate time as to when the betfair site will be back up? 

p.s. can you give them lads up in engineering a slap as these technical issues are beyond a joke!
Thank you :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just a quicky...

I'm off to the land of Nod in a moment so i will make this quick!

Not the best day for my cheeky bets at Cheltenham! But all is hunky dory in the land of trading!
Was a scrappy day for me trading, i started the day not focused and it quickly resulted in a loss on the first race! So i went off, shook myself together, had a cold shower (not that i wanted one! The boiler wasn't working!) and had a quick "energy" snack. I managed to recoup my losses and make a small profit of £34.80 for the day, just in time to as i had football.

Haven't had time to look at tomorrows card properly so will give my cheeky bets a miss. I'm going to try and make these quality bets from now on, not just hit and hoppers (there will be some reason behind them! May it be the horses name sounds good? I joke!)

I fancy a good day for Graham Lee at Ayr tomorrow! And Jim Goldie normally has a good day up there.
So i will look to have some E/w bets when the two are combined.
Lets see how they get on!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cheltenham take two!

Had a good day yesterday with my selections so have had another look through the card and picked out a few more cheeky bets......

14:10 2m1f Nov Hrd

Waiting till tomorrow to see what the place odds are on Higgys Ragazzo. 2.48 Place, 2nd WIN
Can't personally see Third Intention winning this race.
Will probably be a battle between Ruby and AP.

No big bet for me. Small Place on Occasionally Yours ( will take SP ) LOSS, Pushed along from along way out

14:45 2m5f Hcap Chs

Win bet - Ravethebrave (7/1) LOSS
E/w bet - Mr Syntax ( 13/1)   ODDS CHANGE (19/1) LOSS

15:20 2m5f Hcap Hrd

Win bet - Ocean Transit ( 7/1 ) ODDS CHANGE ( 9/1 ) LOSS, Didn't travel well at all.
 E/w bet- Diklers Oscar ( 15/1 ) ODDS TAKEN AT 15/1 now 8/1 LOSS, well backed before hand but didn't jump well

15:55 3m1f Hcap Chs

Win bet - Bellflower Boy ( 4/1 ) LOSS 3rd
E/w bet - Bai Zhu ( 5/1 ) LOSS 4th

That's all for me for Cheltenham for now may edit post tomorrow if i see any other opportunities.
Thankfully trading the races before the off normally covers my bets so its a win win.

On another note: When i was trading on Newmarket today (in-running) i noticed there was a pretty strong bias for the inner stalls (1-3), this applied to most races under 7f.

As a tester i am going to back all 3 inside horses from the off on the ;

15:35 6f Listed

Stall 1 - Himalya (13/1)
Stall 2 - Brave Prospector ( 36/1 )
Stall 3 - Poets Place ( 18/1 )

I will put a lay bet in @ half the odds and see where it gets me.
This will more than likely go Pete Tong! But hey ho worth a go!
All horse's traded lower than their SP's however none traded @ half there odds so small loss but made it back by trading pre race.

As for todays racing i made a tidy some of £93.80 trading.
I also made £9 trading the Chicago @ New York Basketball game.
Plus i made £12 trading 2 tennis games around midday.

So a good day all round.

Hope it goes as well tomorrow!

Couple of Cheeky Cheltenham bets today

Just decided to a have a few cheeky bets today on the first 3 Cheltenham races. I've picked one horse to win and one horse E/w in each race.

14:10 2m4f Nov Hrd

Win bet - Bold Addition ( 4/1 ) WIN
E/w - Bottman ( 8/1 ) 2nd WIN

 14:45 3m4f Hcap Chs

Win bet - Toby Jug ( 5/1 ) LOSS (FELL)
E/w - Shammy Buskins ( 7/1 ) 2nd WIN

15:20 2m4f Hcap Hrd

Win bet - Kings Legacy ( 5/1 ) LOSS 2nd
E/w - My Shamwari ( 17/1 win bet on Betfair, 5/1 place bet Betfair) 1st WIN

Lets see how they get on!

Best of luck everyone trading today.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Midnight tennis

Couldn't get to sleep so had a look to see if there were any decent tennis matches on to trade. Thankfully there was! So that kept me occupied for 20minutes or so. Have greened out for £5 just now, decided not to be greedy!
Here's a quick print screen of my set-up: 

Aside from starting to trade tennis more frequently, i decided to play around with The Geeks Toy a bit more.
I've been right clicking all over the shop and have been looking at all the different options that are available. I really don't know why i didn't do this in the first place because the standard layouts (which can be accessed by right clicking on the ladder) are just awesome! I now use different layouts depending on which sport i am trading on. In the snapshot above i am using the In-Play layout, which is a great asset for tennis trading as you get to witness the swings more accurately and also you can green up on the ladder itself by clicking just to the right of the odds, which is a great feature.

The layout which i have found most helpful, surprisingly to me, is the Financial layout. I use this solely for pre horse race trading. I have started pre horse trading again since i have found this layout and it has helped me leaps and bounds, having the graphs directly under the ladder and candlesticks to the side of the odds of each horse is great. Everything is in clear view and you can process the numbers a hell of a lot quicker. 
To summarise, the geeks toy is quite possibly "the best in the world".

In my last post i said i would upload another video, however camtasia crashed on me and started having an epileptic fit on my screen so i was forced to remove it as it had clearly had to much to drink and had to be escorted off the premises. But all is well! As i have found a new piece of kit which records just as quick and also doesn't cause my screen to lag which is great! So will try and get a video up as soon as.

Regarding the pilot training front, i have to go to the US embassy Thursday to go for a interview for my visa. When i was filling out the online form there was one Question that made me stop and just think......really?

Q. Have you ever been involved with a terrorist organisation?
       (   )  YES
       (   )  NO

.....what terrorist in their right mind would tick yes.........i think the Americans have been watching to much of Liar Liar!

Anywho off to bed!