Thursday, 31 March 2011

Summer Summer time!

The sun's starting to shine through again today, thank god!
Going to record another video today, not sure what it shall be yet (in-running or not) but will just go with the flow!

Stay posted!
Good luck trading today all.

* Update: Camtasia crashed on me, so will try record something soon!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cornetto anyone?

Grand day today, no hiccups!
Traded up until 3:30, was happy enough with my profit so decided to stop for the day. Went off to the gym then to have a chill out. Haven't been able to go recently as i pulled my tricep, but thankfully I'm all fit and well now!

Just noticed today that Betfair have Live Video now for the RacingUk tracks? Since when did they pull that one out of the bag!? It's great for me as i only could trade in-running on the ATR courses and this is where i make most of my profit.
I've started using the tick offset feature on The Geeks Toy now, which you can find by right clicking on Stakes and tools. I use it before the race scalping the market. Its a great feature when you're using large amounts to scalp with a small bank, for instance today i had a bank of £70 to start the day, so when I'm scalping i can't place numerous orders around the market so I'm ahead of the queue, but with this tick offset feature it automatically puts a lay bet in (or back bet depending on which you put in first) when i start getting matched. Its a nifty feature and I'm just starting to get to grips with it. HOWEVER! As i also trade in-running i have to make sure i turn it off before the race starts, because i like to swing trade in-running. Today i was a jackass (to put it bluntly) and forgot to turn the tick offset off before the race began. Needless to say i didn't know what was going on and panicked! Came out with a small profit from the race so no harm done! But lesson most definitely learned!

Off to make some chicken drumsticks now and some salad yummm yummm! Then a bit of Fifa later to cool down!

Trade safe


Successful night, will it be a successful day?

Chicago last night had no blip whatsoever, they said they would get revenge for losing a 30 point lead last time they played Atlanta, and that's exactly what they done. The final score was 114:81.

I fancied Bulls from the off so i backed them during the day at 1.6 and 20 minutes before the off i layed them at 1.55. I done this so that i could watch the first few points go in and see how both teams were playing. Bulls initially went behind, albeit for a few minutes. After they went back even i backed them again @ 1.52. I watched the first 2 quarters and by the end of the 2nd they were available to lay @ 1.13. So that's what i did, however i didn't green up my £42 which i had on Bulls,i just felt that they couldn't throw the game away twice so i stuck with the green on them. Thankfully they cruised on to win the match.
I've still got a long way to go and a lot more to learn about each team and the structure but so far so good.

On to today!
I'm hopefully going to trade most of the races today. My structure for trading at the minute is that i trade every race before the off, but if that race has a live stream (the races on ATR, not the races on RacingUK) i go in-running and trade in-running and when I'm happy with my green i close the market and move on to the next race. Sometimes it can be after the first furlong of the race, sometimes i have to wait till the last 2 furlongs. It all depends on how the race is won. I feel that its very important NOT to be greedy with the amount of Green you get, as I'm sure many of you have done before, you manage to get a decent green on a race and in your head your saying "MOVE ON TO THE NEXT RACE, TAKE THE GOD DAM GREEN!!" but then your fingers and your ego come into play and you start clicking, thinking "I CAN MAKE MORE LOOK WHAT I'VE MADE ALREADY!!" and then of course you go on to take a loss or lose the better part of your profit!

If i get a decent green after the first few races i will most likely go outside and enjoy the sunshine as its like 16'C today! Suntan lotion time!! (I wish)

Stay Hydrated people


*Just added: Since when do Betfair show RacingUK races? Sweet!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Learning new sports

When i say learning new sports i don't mean learning how to play them, i mean learning how to trade them! Like when is the best time to back a team/lay a team. What are the stats saying for that particular game?
And of course a lot more!

The past week I've started to trade on Basketball games. I spent hours trawling the Internet to look for a near enough live feed so i could watch the games i was trading on, which is a must! Luckily after a few attempts i found a pretty decent site which shows some live streams (2-3 second delay).
 link -->

At the moment I'm just trying to learn the league structures and trying to learn the all the important stats.

I managed to trade the New York Knicks V's Boston Celtics game last night. At one point the Celtics were behind by about 16points. However they managed to come back and win the match by 10 points. Luckily i managed to lay Knicks at 1.20 and got out at 4.2 for a nice profit of £16.

Hopefully going to trade the Bulls vs Hawks tonight, really fancy the Bulls to win it (currently @ 1.6) However I'm a newbie so don't mark my words!

Looking forward to learning more about trading the sport because as of the end of May i will be in the States for 10 months.
Also learning a new sport really keeps you on your toes.

Ciao for now,

Monday, 14 March 2011

All set for the week!

Cheltenham starts 13:30 tomorrow (well today when I'm writing this i suppose!), I'm going to be having a few bets on the main races. I'm not sure if i will just trade on the horse i want to bet on before the off, trying to get a green on the horse and then just let it ride so that i have a freebet or just punt the more traditional way!
Have availed of a few offers like the one at Ladbrokes, which gives you a few free bets once you've staked a certain amount, the usual story.

Here's a few of my selections, looking forward to seeing how it plans out!

13:30 - Spirit Son (7.0) Betfair
           Also got a few quid on Zaidpour which i will probably trade at in-running.

15:20 - Peddlers Cross (5.5) Betfair
           Same as above going to trade on Khyber Kim in-running

17:15 - Tullamore Dew (10.0) Betfair

There's my bets for tomorrow, lets see how they go!

As for trading, all is going well!
Starting to get into Basketball trading now, have managed to find live streams for the games, definitely worth some more time.

Hope everyones trading is going good.
Good luck with all the punts tomorrow!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Flying blogging

Hola all,

Haven't been able to trade much of the past few days, as I had to fly back home to complete my aviation medical. So have spent most of the time getting poked and prodded! But its all necessary!
However, when I was home I managed to trade both the Stoke v's WBA game and the Chelsea v's Man Utd game. I had, had a trial with but sadly that ran out 2 days before the Stoke game. I'd recommend the site to a lot of people, but personally it wasn't my cup of tea. I felt the lads that were doing the trades and TOTD (trade of the day) were top notch, they knew exactly how to minimise losses when they came and how to maximise profits, all in order to protect your bank. Which is key!! The reason that I won't be joining their service is just a personal reason really, I just prefer coming up with my own trading strategy and I felt that when I was in their chat room there were quite a few headless chickens that didn't know the difference between a back button and a lay button and they were just following the the main traders orders and not even thinking about why they were actually covering a certain score etc. I feel that if you want to learn to swim, you have to jump in the pool by yourself. I'm not saying whack £500 in your account and go wild. What I did was just start off using the minimum stakes even lowering the minimum £2 bet by using the geeks toy (thank you Mr Geek!!) And then eventually when you become more confident up your stakes accordingly.

Anywho says you! I managed to make a profit of £22 in the two games, £14 in the Stoke game and £8 in the Chelsea game.
I'm only a beginner when it comes to trading football but I enjoyed researching previous stats before the game and then making my trading strategy to suit each game. I tend to select a few correct scores which I feel are a strong possibility and then cover myself by backing either under/over 2.5 goals, or whichever goal market I feel provides good cover. So its a learning process but its all good banter!

Anywho I wrote this blog on the plane using my blackberry (in flight mode don't panic I didn't cause a crash!) Got this app called Evernote amazing piece of kit. Let's me transfer a word doc/image whatever you want really directly from your phone to your account online so you can download it straight to your desktop.
Will hopefully try and get another video of trading in-running up at some point in the near future, will try get the mic to work this time so I can talk through what I'm doing (bad/good).

PS looking into getting a new laptop with a good graphics card and around 4GB of mem. Thinking about a Dell Xps 15 at the moment but would appreciate any ideas?

Cheerios and milk