Saturday, 16 June 2012

Blog is back....

Right it's been awhile......

I've spent the last year living in Florida completing my Private Pilot's License, Commercial Pilot's License and ATPL exam's. (excuse me if that's all jiberish to you). Basically, everything went swimmingly!
Now I'm out the other side, back in Ireland, I'm just in the middle of doing my Instrument Rating. Which i should have completed by the end of August (weather permitting!)
But the "bad" side is I currently have a lot of down time. So to keep myself occupied i have deposited a nice round figure into Betfair of £200 and as of today i have started trading again.

Day One: Overall went very well, just getting into the swing of things again. I've got a bit of a new preference regarding graphs and my set up but I will talk about that in later post's.

If anyone is still following the blog just give me a quick comment below to let me know your there :)

Ciao for now.

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